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The Dressing Room


Last weekend my school had its summer festival. Students and teachers alike got dressed for the occasion in traditional Japanese clothing. Most people wore yukata, which is the cooler more comfortable version of the silk kimono. Others wore jinbei or happi for better mobility.






These days a yukata can be made of cotton or synthetic fibers, which are lightweight and breathable. The colors and patterns can be bold with bright pink and red flowers contrasted against a dark fabric or as simple as this pale yellow one.






Iwata-sensei, our school’s vice-principal, happens to also be certified in kimono-dressing. With the air-conditioner blasting, our very own kimono master tirelessly dressed nearly a dozen of us teachers that day.






I could tell she was a true kimono master just by the way dressing us seemed to energize her. She raved about every yukata, each one with its unique set of colors and patterns.







Hands up! Caught by the kimono cops!!

Ah, but its nice to have someone dress you up once in a while.





Pretty Obi styles

K2 Teacher Photo

All Staff Photo



More fun photos from the dressing room





Happis are super awesome, too!

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