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江ノ島//The Magical Enoshima Island

It’s holiday in Japan. And probably the last one before the summer season is over. Better make our way to Enoshima Island.

Benzaiten is the Shinto goddess of not only music and entertainment, but eloquence. In other words, I am not Benzaiten- just an imposter!

These dragons at the entrance of the bridge to Enoshima Island serve as symbol of the dragon that once plagued the island and its people, but promised to change its ways after falling in love with Benzaiten who eventually made this island her home. The dragons face south toward the home of the goddess, expressing its devotion to his beloved.

“Sasuga nihon!” Hawaiian festival and big crowds that day.


Mmm… nothing tastes better than quality Engrish!! Yummy~

Stopped for a snack! Everything seems to be made of fish here!!


A nice photo of an elegant petite bridge Adri took while waiting for me to get my rice cracker. : )

Beyond the next toori gate…!


Love this photo of Scilla symbolically cleansing her soul before entering through the next toori gate! She looks so happy!



Love wishes make the world a better (pinker) place!!



Perfect sunset!

Perfect sunset!

The view we had of the sun setting across the blue horizon was absolutely amazing. You can’t see it in this photo but we could actually see our friend Mount Fuji, too.

So grateful to Scilla and Adri for sharing this awesome day with me! (And photos, too!)

Final photos….


Front of Enoshima staton

Front of Enoshima staton



Homeward bound on the amazing shinkansen. Oyasumi!!!




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