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  Just having some fun with this post putting together a little collection of pics I pulled out from some of my older albums (^_^)/  Hopefully I’ll be posting more often and soon~ Don’t miss the slide show above!


oedo pamphlets

You might have noticed by now that I love taking onsen. Yesterday at Oedo Onsen (大江戸温泉)I finally had my first onsen experience since moving out of Gunma, the onsen hot spot. Oedo Onsen is unlike any other onsen I’ve been to. Whether you’re coming from outside the country or outside the city, I recommend it to anyone […]

Shizuoka Spring Festi...


Yuki took me to the Shizuoka Spring festival over the weekend. It was a splendid way to spend my first weekend here in Shizuoka, my new home. I took some photos of the wonderful things I saw and experienced. Enjoy!    

Kiryu++ Adventure


under construction…      



under construction…  

Gunma – A month...

Gunma – A month in photos

This is a gallery of my favorite photos I take each day as I count down the 30 days I have left of living in Gunma. My instagram: ai_desu

Labor of love

Labor of love

Ordinary folks only have memories from their past relationships. Us artists have creations. Physical things. That represent our labor of love. -Kristel Penn         Blue Lightness. Oil on canvas.                   Stella. Pastel on paper.



      beloved grandpa pants and more coming soon…



  Happy Heart Day! Came across this lovely Tanabe Hiroshi print today. This giclée print was used for Hermés 1998 Spring/Summer collection.       ” Free will, though it makes evil possible, its also the only thing that makes possible any Love, Goodness or Joy worth having” – C.S Lewis



colour doesn’t yell at you —it glows         watch the Secret of Marimekko video                    



One of my favorite things to do here in Japan is relax in the hot springs (‘onsen’).   After a day of snowboarding, friends and I took onsen at Takaragawa to thaw out.       my instagram: ai_desu          

It’s the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.” -Marlene Dietrich